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Additional TRE-FX implementation reports has been published in Zenodo:


Carole Goble presented TRE-FX as part of the DARE UK webinar Linking Sensitive Data: Insights from the DARE UK Driver Projects


Final reports on TRE-FX have been published in the DARE UK Zenodo community:


TRE-FX was presented as part of the DARE UK Driver project showcase day in Edinburgh.


Version of the ROCrates.Net library for .NET has been released. This library can be used to create and inspect workflow-centric RO-Crates as used by the TRE-FX, and is planned to support the full Trusted Workflow Run Crate profile. See ROCrates.Net documentation for more information.


HDR UK and The University of Manchester have announced a PhD studentship Sharing reproducible analyses in Big Healthcare Data Infrastructures, which will focus on federated computational analytics (e.g. scientific workflow systems) and metadata management across distributed systems, expanding on the prototype from the TRE-FX project.


TRE-FX is inviting TRE stakeholders across UK and beyond to join a virtual workshop: Approaching Five Safes with TRE-FX Trusted Workflow Run Crate.


The first public draft of TRE-FX Trusted Workflow Run Crate profile 0.3 has been released. Feedback and suggestion is welcome in a dedicated GitHub repository.


The TRE-FX architecture team gathered in Nottingham for a end-to-end hackathon that put together a proof of concept implementation that given a Hutch CWL workflow executed it in a TRE pod, using the workflow execution service WfExS which output was transformed to a Trusted Workflow Run Crate. This inform the RO-Crate profile, as well as the TRE-FX architecture.


The TRE-FX team engaged in stakeholder engagement activities with in the SATRE team. SATRE ran a workshop on informed design and several TRE-FX team members attended and contributed.


TRE-FX was presented at DARE UK’s Meet the Driver Project launch. Carole Goble’s slides: TRE-FX: Core federation services for a federated network of TREs to enable Five Safes analytics


TRE-FX was presented as an exemplar project at the The UKRI Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI) Community Congress. This event brought together stakeholders of the UKRI DRI strategy. The meeting provided the opportunity to hear more about progress on the UKRI DRI strategy and its wider context.


An internal TRE-FX Hackathon was organized in London, bringing together developers from DataSHIELD, BitFount and HUTCH to form a Use Case for a TRE-FX minimal viable product (MVP) and requirements for RO-Crate in trusted research environments.


HDR UK organized a Technology Ecosystem workshop in Birmingham, where many HDR developers and data managers met to discuss the future of health data management in the UK. TRE-FX was presented (working title DARE-FX). Several HDR UK collaboration opportunities for TRE-FX were identified.

The TRE-FX project kick-off meeting immediately followed the workshop, also in Birmingham.


TRE-FX launched and announced as one of DARE UK’s driver projects.